Iranian Literary Arts Festival

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The Translation Project, in partnership with Beyond Persia, presents the Iranian Literary Arts Festival, a week of films, panels, parties, dancing, art exhibit, on-site bookstore, keynote speech by distinguished Iranian writer, Moniru Ravanipur, and performances of ICARUS/RISE.

ICARUS/RISE is a multimedia theatrical piece based on new Iranian poetry. It connects the myth of Icarus with the migration of Iranians, and the solitary journey of the artist/migrant in the quest for freedom. ICARUS/RISE begins after the fall and is the journey to self-possession, featuring the emerging voices of Iranian poetry, including Shahrouz Rashid,the poet of "Icarus". Created by Niloufar Talebi, original score by Bobak Salehi, choreography and video by Alex Ketley.

Festival registration is easy: Just buy a ticket for one of 3 ICARUS/RISE evenings and you are automatically registered to attend other festival events, including 9 films, 2 panels, parties, art exhibit, on-site bookstore, and keynote speech by Moniru Ravanipur.

Theatre Artaud
450 Flordia St. * SF
Thursday 11/15/2007 7pm - $50.00, $35.00 Student
Friday 11/16/2007 7pm - $50.00, $35.00 Student
Saturday 11/17/2007 6pm - $185.00

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