CIIS Presents The Journey of the Universe

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West Coast Film Premiere: The Journey of the Universe

Saturday, April 30 8:30pm
Victoria Theatre - 2691 16th Street - SF

It's all a question of story. Every culture organizes itself with its central stories, some of which are so deeply valued they are told for many generations. Homer's Odyssey has been passed down in the West for perhaps twenty-eight centuries. Or, in Asia, the stories of the Mahabharata have been performed for well over two millennia.

While such stories will no doubt be told far into the future, a new story has emerged. Only a few centuries old, it has already begun to change humanity in crucial ways. This story has many different names, but if we can think of the New Testament as that which tells a Christian story, and of the Mahabharata as that which tells a Hindu story, perhaps the simplest description of this new narrative is that it tells a universe story -- a story of the irreversible transformations that changed a swarm of quanta into blue herons, rainbow trout, and the music of Bach.

Journey of the Universe is the first time this comprehensive story is told in film form. The film will be shown on KQED Television in fall 2011, and will have a companion book published by Yale University press and a 12-part DVD course featuring interviews with leading scientists and scholars.

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